Monday, June 28, 2010

HOT days of Summer

Just a quick post to say hi and show some photos of the girls....Lexi is growing up so FAST and Alison continues to be such a great big sister to our little girl.
We are coming up on the F0urth of July and will be spending the week with our dear friends the Clark family. We always look forward to seeing them and for Alison to see Sophia, her crib mate some 5 years ago, it is so wonderful that Ali and Sophia get to reconnect and spend time together.
Here are a few pictures of our girls..


  1. OH my she's sooooo beautiful Lynn! And getting so big...oh my they're all growing so fast! Love seeing this update! Amazing, truly amazing what a transformation since being in your loving family!

  2. So sweet!! Hope you are enjoying your summer. :)
    -Jenny (another XuZhou Mom)

  3. Countdown to our beach week!! We can't wait! The girls look ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE in these pictures!! Love the dresses! Hugs, Maria

  4. How fun to come home from our little mini-reunion to read that you had your own! Your girls are just precious, and I love the matching dresses. I don't get to do fun matching at our house. Ha! I can't wait to see pictures of all 4 girls together- what fun!